Sambangi Pasar Tradisional, Polisi Sampaikan Pesan Kamtibmas, Jepara – Bertempat di Pasar Mlonggo Kabupaten Jepara, Kbo Sat Binmas Polres Jepara Iptu Sujito bersama anggota mengadakan kegiatan Patroli Dialogis dan sambang ke Pasar Tradisional, Jumat (16/11/2018) Pagi.

Selain sebagai kegiatan patroli rutin, sambang pasar ini juga mempunyai tujuan untuk menyampaikan pesan-pesan kamtibmas kepada para pedagang serta masyarakat pengunjung pasar. Kehadiran Polisi dalam keramaian transaksi jual beli di pasar ini, spontan menjadi pusat perhatian masyarakat.

Para pedagang pun mengaku senang serta mengapresiasi kegiatan tersebut. “Kehadiran Polisi membuat kami merasa aman dan nyaman,” ucap salah seorang pedagang.

“Kepada warga masyarakat khususnya pengunjung untuk selalu waspada dan hati- hati, kurangi pemakaian perhiasan yang berlebihan untuk menghindari tindak pidana kejahtan”, pesan singkat Iptu Sujito kepada salah satu pengunjung.


Jaga Kebugaran Untuk Kamtibmas Aman, Polres Jepara Olahraga Pagi Bersama, Jepara – Untuk menjaga tubuh yang sehat dan jiwa yang kuat, seluruh anggota Polres Jepara Polda Jawa Tengah melaksanakan olahraga pagi di halaman Mapolres, Jumat (16/11/18).
Dalam kesempatan olahraga pagi ini anggota melakukan senam bersama yang dipimpin 2 instruktur senam.
Kegiatan olahraga ini merupakan agenda rutin yang dilaksanakan setiap hari Jum’at dan Selasa. Olahraga merupakan sarana bagi anggota Polres Jepara untuk menjaga kesehatan dan mendukung tugas-tugas di lapangan.
Dengan olahraga bersama ini dapat meningkatkan kesadaran seluruh personel, bahwa olahraga sangatlah bermanfaat bagi kesehatan.
Disamping itu diharapkan dapat menumbuhkan semangat jiwa seluruh personel Polres Jepara dalam melaksanakan tugas dan tanggung jawab. Dengan tubuh yang kuat maka pelaksanaan tugas pun dapat dilaksanakan secara maksimal.

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First Ever Muslim Mom Valedictorian Of City University’s College Of Technology

Jean slept as John sleepily made the coffee and set out the breakfast dishes for eggs, turkey sausages and whole grain toast. He knew Jean would want him to awaken her, but she was sleeping so deeply, even lightly snoring, which she rarely did.

For Deakin University example Disney has an annual prayer meeting. There are a lot of Christians at the top in Warner. They are portraying romance with no sex, dialog with no foul language, action with no violence.

Toby, the human resources staffer who seems to always annoy Michael Scott, is played by Paul Lieberstein. It is his first acting role; until now, he was a writer and/or producer for a number of television shows, including The Naked Truth, the Drew Carey Show, The Bernie Mac Show, and Greg Daniels’ King of the Hill, which led to Daniels hiring him as a writer and producer for The Office. He graduated from Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut, and Hamilton College in New York.

Londonderry: Maggie Stier, author of Into the Mountains: Stories of New England’s Most Celebrated Peaks, will present The Old Man of the Mountain: Substance and Symbol, 7 p.m., lower-level meeting room, Londonderry Leach Library, 603-432-1132.

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Gilmore Girls was not the only show on The WB that Milo Ventimiglia appeared. In 2006 The WB launched The Bedford Diaries midseason with Ventimiglia in a starring role in the dramatic series set at a fictional New York City University. The writing help for dysgraphia Radboud University Nijmegen show fared poorly and was pulled after a few episodes.

Kinyon/Jones Tennis Camp located on the campus of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire was voted one of Tennis Magazine’s Ten Best Junior Tennis Camps in the country. The six-week camp is for boys and girls ages 10-17. The office can be reached at 800-484-5039 #2267.

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Dr. Trattler : We’ll do standard eye tests that measure vision, including nearsightedness and farsightedness. We’ll also check the pressure in the eye which is critical and make sure the eye looks generally healthy. Often, we will dilate the eyes to get a better look at the back of the eye. The optomap allows for a very comprehensive photograph of your eyes and is used to get a wide-angle view of the back of the eye which can help us pick up on conditions. A doctor may use this technology to look at the eye and he or she may also dilate the eyes in addition.

Chances are you’ve never heard of the actors in The Office with the exception of Steve Carell. NBC and the Office producers purposely filled the cast with unknowns who appear to be real people, not actors. Not only did the casting work perfectly, it made overnight stars out of everyone. In fact, each of the stars are now appearing on psuedo-public service announcements for NBC.

After doing that I decided to take a drive out to Richards Manor. The gorgeous 50 room estate was situated on the far edge of Wilmington overlooking the ocean with a breathtaking seventy five acres surrounding it. I had only been their once; at a fundraiser for the police department, but from what I remember it was the personification of wealth, power and prestige.

The Canaan Historical Museum was founded in 1961 by the Canaan Historical Society. Today it can be found on Canaan Street in Canaan, New Hampshire. The building is located close the Town Beach making it the perfect afternoon stop. Here you will find picture, furniture, antiques and other historical exhibits that will take you back in time.

As for all you nappers out there. take heart; the sum of all this latest sleep research stands in support of those sleep and memory, and that power naps leave you recharged and ready to go.