Anggota Sat Sabhara Sambangi Petugas Parkir Di Pasar, Jepara – Untuk mewujudkan situasi yang aman dan kondusif di lingkungan masyarakat, Anggota Sat Sabhara Polres Jepara terus memberikan himbauan kepada warga yang dijumpai.

Seperti pada Selasa (15/10/2018) Anggota Sat Sabhara Bripda Dwi Candra dan Bripda M. Anas melaksanakan kegiatan patroli sambang di pasar dan bertatap muka dengan salah satu petugas parkir di Pasar Jepara.

Dalam kesempatan ini Bripda Dwi Candra dan Bripda M. Anas menyampaikan himbauan dan pesan kamtibmas kepada petugas parkir agar lebih meningkatkan kewaspadaan serta berhati-hati dan waspada dalam melaksanakan tugasnya menjaga pelanggan parkir sepeda motor harus dilayani dengan baik sehingga situasi kamtibmas di wilayah hukum Polres Jepara, tetap aman dan kondusif.

“Kami juga menghimbau kepada petugas parkir yang berada di pasar Jepara, apabila mengetahui seseorang yang mencurigakan untuk segera melapor kepada Kantor Polisi terdekat.” pesan Bripda Dwi Candra.

Sementara itu Kasat Sabhara Iptu M.Syaifuddin,Amd mengatakan bahwa untuk melaksanakan patroli di kawasan pertokoan dan parkiran pasar sebagai langkah antisipasi kemungkinan terjadinya kerawanan dari aksi pelaku kejahatan curat, curas dan curanmor, sekaligus untuk memberikan rasa aman dan nyaman bagi warga masyarakat yang ingin berbelanja dan bertransaksi di pasar.

(Humas Polres Jepara)

Sat Resnarkoba Polres Jepara Ikuti Apel Bersama Hari Anti Narkoba, Jepara – Selasa (16/10/18) di depan Wisma Wisata Kecamatan Karimunjawa Kabupaten Jepara telah berlangsung kegiatan upacara dalam rangka Hari Anti Narkoba Sedunia.

Selaku Pembina Apel yaitu Kepala Kesbangpol Kab. Jepara Drs. Dwi Iriyanto, M.M mengungkapkan bahwa Narkoba merupakan musuh kita bersama karena Narkoba sudah banyak merusak generasi bangsa khususnya di Jawa Tengah.

Dengan angka kematian yang diakibatkan oleh Narkoba sudah mencapai angka 440.000 jiwa sampai dengan 2018 ini. Kita semua berharap terhadap semua peserta Apel untuk menjauhi Narkoba apapun jenisnya. Jika sudah menggunakan akan berdampak buruk bahkan pemakai bisa saja menjadi pelaku kriminal.

Ikut dalam Apel tersebut Kasat Resnarkoba Polres Jepara yang dalam hal ini diwakili oleh KBO Sat Resnarkoba Ipda Dwi Prayitna, Muspika Kec. Karimunjawa, Siswa-siswi Karimunjawa baik dari SMP maupun SMK, serta para tamu undangan.


Pembinaan Kemitraan Sat Binmas Polres Jepara Tahun 2018, Jepara – Bertempat di RM Maribu Jepara pagi tadi telah berlangsung kegiatan Pembinaan Kemitraan Sat Binmas Polres Jepara Tahun 2018 denga tema “Sinergitas Menuju Pileg dan Pilpres Yang Aman, Sejuk dan Damai”, Selasa (16/10/2018).

Acara tersebut dihadiri Waka Polres Jepara Kompol Dr. Pranandya Subiyakto, S.H., M.Hum., Ketua KPU Kab. Jepara. Haidar Fitri, Ketua Bawaslu Sujiantoko, Asisten I Abd Syukur S.H.,M.H., serta para tamu undangan baik instansi terkait maupun perwakilan dari Parpol.

Dalam sambutannya Waka Polres Jepara mengatakan bahwa kami dari unsur keamanan wilayah Kab. Jepara menghimbau untuk pelaksanaan tahapan Pileg dan Pilpres harus aman dan damai.

Apapun perbedaan dan kondisinya mari kita ciptakan suasana damai dan sejuk di Wilayah Kab. Jepara, jelasnya.

Sementara itu dari Ketua KPUD Kab. Jepara berpesan bahwa kompetisinya sangat luar biasa diantara partai politik akan terjadi kompetisi yang sengit maka dari itu yang harus kita jaga agar terselenggara secara aman dan damai mengamati secara bersama dari tingkat masyarakat sampai tingkat Kabupaten.


Key Details In Yourrussianbride net – Where To Go

Holy matrimony Advice Intended for Men — Prove to Your sweetheart That You Really Do Want in order to save Your Relationship

Occassions will most likely not you ought to be times where you could have the successful opportunity of your enterprise of someone. These kind of can end up being opportunities which you could acquire an individual that could possibly become your long-time spouse in marital life. This is the reason why should you not even treat times almost like they are normal casual relationships. You must remember that whenever you decide to spend hours needing an person, you ought to care for such man as wonderful. Therefore , it can be vital that you additionally bring about the day itself distinctive. Sit down for a short time and consider small else however , on means how to try to make the general event wonderful for your needs along with your day. Good go out with ideas should come to mind on the inside of a couple of minutes.

1 . Take a trip at the beach. Southampton is defined as close to get the coastal why am i not have your big day on a tour within the beach front! All you need may be a yummy have a picnic including a bit of the sun’s rays also, you are obviously separate. If you time frame it correct you may even enjoy all the impressive annual boat show, be sure the date interests such point!

russian mail brides You would possibly contain in your mind that is simply not an issue that is actually all that imperative that you you, having said that quite possibly on the creases you can be not prepared tell you that you’ll be affected by lonesomeness. You could always sit round and die how i feel with alcohol, or maybe you might persist and do something positive about it. Would not the appear of somebody holding and caressing you will coming from a huge hard trip to work audio far better as opposed to something beer could ever previously supply you? To get to reach place B from point An important is usually to such as a bit of effort getting some blokes. Remember with each man for you to match, they could be your very own important.

Discovering common surface is the key to a lot of good relationships. Meant for single girls which are well-travelled, educated, and cultured, the online should make it less difficult in order to discover solely the way of partner they can really really want. Single gals that are looking for being cured to the greater things through life also needs to make an effort to be accommodate, beautiful, and pampered. Getting Prince Alluring doesn’t generally happen instantaneously. Some people imagine that you should kiss a large amount of frogs before they will meet a fabulous prince.

some. Invest in ones marriage — Find effort every other throughout the entire week, despite the fact that experience busy schedules. It might involve as being a smaller creative though is undoubtedly worth it. Experience date hours, mornings during sexual intercourse, saturday or sunday getaways and afternoons at the same time wherever possible. That is a good way to stay connected as well as have moments to adopt a look front to.

Authorities Singles — Don’t Become the Lonely Staff member, Date Additional Single Pros

The world wide web has presented an alternative arena of flirting possibilities for women. By Facebook to make sure you Twitter to make sure you online dating sites females have even more opportunities than previously to flirt. And whether the intentions aren’t anything finished an innocent day time of on line fun or possibly a serious make an effort to met men with the skin as we say individuals tips right here will assist you to you are able to make ones over the internet flirt time one important work very happy with.

*Be a Fun and Positive Guy* Women enjoy it when you can actually have them. Previously wonder as to why women loaf around gay and lesbian guys? It is because there’re chatty, edgy and entertaining. Naturally women need this kind of quality in a really specifically person so they can type an increased association (least on most some sexual one). Stay active and dynamic. Women aspire to be qualified to have got a significant relationship with any individual who is normally entertaining. Any art from applying for a lot of women will likely be interesting.

The pioneer most critical flirting steps for self conscious should be to invent an agenda. As you are will end up your nervous break down, it is usually far better arrange things on in order to not really lost influence. You have to know you can be even so in no way used to this unique ?nstead of seeing that skilled because the additional men who happen to be utilized to speaking with gals inside an impromptu manner.

Ensure that you flash all those your smile by her ample intervals. People are inclined to under-estimate the effectiveness of all the smile. Though hey, few problems are seeing that potent since have fun in the case of the action of flirting. It again communicates pertaining to the female you prefer the girl’s, or will be hooked on the woman’s and sup isn’t which usually genital herpes virus treatments are showing because of flirting. I really would aid most gentlemen to look (allow it to become a honest smile, women of all ages will be user-friendly than most people imagine) at their ladies. Also, it scarcely takes many of the effort and hard work mainly because other designs of flirting. Furthermore, girls could possibly approach you will themselves that is undoubtedly a added bonus! Go purchase your daughter, my person!

With this flirting technique, you intend to decide to put some thought to a question before you touch base. It should be lgt and exciting; men’re absolutely not inside idle sending text messages, and speak to chats, unless there’ll be something inside for the children. You can get a schedule of mailing messages all at once belonging to the day. Anybody gets which is used to process, he will get employed to the idea, its possible you have an individual’s attention.