Accounting Courses

Accounting Courses

You can access sophisticated analysis tools and data on worldwide financial markets. The University of Hertfordshire is committed to welcoming students with a wide range of qualifications and levels of experience. The entry requirements listed on the course pages provide a guide to the minimum level of qualifications needed to study each course.

Its standards are based on double-entry what are retained earnings, a method in which every accounting transaction is entered as both a debit and credit in two separate general ledger accounts that will roll up into the balance sheet and income statement. Just as managerial accounting helps businesses make decisions about management, cost accounting helps businesses make decisions about costing. Essentially, cost accounting considers all of the costs related to producing a product. Analysts, managers, business owners and accountants use this information to determine what their products should cost. In cost accounting, money is cast as an economic factor in production, whereas in financial accounting, money is considered to be a measure of a company’s economic performance.

Cengage Learning. Many accounting practices have been simplified with the help of accounting computer-based software. An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is commonly used for a large organisation and it provides a comprehensive, centralized, integrated source of information that companies can use to manage all major business processes, from purchasing to manufacturing to human resources. These principles are used in every step of the accounting process for the proper representation of the financial position of the business.


The Department of Accounting combines global appeal with a distinctive European orientation in terms of institutional knowledge and affiliations, as well as intellectual traditions. Alongside this, the department continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the leading groups in the world for teaching and research on the economic, institutional and organisational aspects of accounting and financial management. Combine modules towards OU qualifications, or study individually for interest or professional development. You’ll need to undertake professional training after your degree, if you want to become a chartered accountant. This isn’t necessary for all financial jobs, but the accredited recognition of accountancy comes from ACCA, ACA, or CIMA.

In this introductory module you’ll discuss the true nature and role of accounting and will consider who uses accounting information and for what purpose. You’ll also be introduced to the role of regulation in governing accounting practice. This module provides essential skills and information you need to know whether you want to become an accountant, be a manager or start your own company. If you are an international student requiring a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK please see our immigration webpages for the latest Home Office guidance on English language qualifications.

Also accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), so you just need to take six CIMA exams to complete your CIMA professional qualification. Harrow College offers courses at level 2 and level 3. The qualifications are accredited by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) which is the recognised professional body for staff employed in a range of roles in finance and accounting.

This module introduces the student to the principles and practices involved in the development of models used in organisational environments. The module will provide, through the advanced use of spreadsheets, an ability to build computer-based business models using management science techniques and interpret the output of these models in order to determine the required policies to address management problems. Students will study the preparation of consolidated financial statements, for simple groups.

It gives your guidance on how to use feedback effectively to improve and develop your academic skills and improve your performance. It provides the opportunity to create an action plan for your personal and professional development whilst at university. This compulsory module equips you with effective study practices to excel in your second year at Essex Business School. Develop your understanding of the role of management accounting in organisational decision-making and control.

Through study of the core units you will develop sound knowledge and understanding of retained earnings practices, financial management techniques, the key and contemporary theories and practices of management and organisational behaviour. The CFA Society of the UK recognises the significant alignment between the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance course at Nottingham Trent University. The IMC is the benchmark qualification for the investment profession. This module will further enhance your understanding of tax planning, enabling you to give tax advice to others.

Extend your knowledge of financial accounting by mastering the preparation and analysis of the published financial statements of limited companies operating on their own, or within group structures. You investigate the regulation of financial reporting, the function and content of the main published statements, and problems connected with the treatment of taxation, depreciation, and specific aspects of the asset-expense distinction.

  • The Department, along with the Departments of Finance and Management, was ranked as the UK leader for Business and Management Studies in the most recent National Research Assessment Exercise.
  • Joe wants to understand the financial statements and wants to keep on top of his new business.
  • This module covers the regulatory aspects of financial reporting.
  • As a result, all accounting designations are the culmination of years of study and rigorous examinations combined with a minimum number of years of practical accounting experience.
  • You’ll study the changing world economy, developing insights into issues related to international trade, international finance, regional groupings and climate change.
  • Beyond the core units you will have opportunities to specialise, choosing from an evolving range of units, for example Taxation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Project Management, and International Human Resource Management.


Accountancy in 2020: Are we there yet?

The module will look at the function of a business from different perspectives, including looking at the role of key stakeholders, the role of employment and social services. This module provides online bookkeeping students with an introduction to business and explores the role of the accountant in business. The module provides students with a series of academic skills and study strategies underpinning subsequent studies and successful graduation.

You will be encouraged to attend events organised by professional bodies, such as ACCA, the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, who accredit our degrees. It is critical that you are able to stand out in the graduate job market.

Throughout your career you’ll likely need to make use of a wide variety of quantitative techniques, particularly those related to accounting, finance and management. In this module you’ll revise your previous maths knowledge whilst also considering the time value of money, rates of change, probability and statistics and making extensive use of Excel for applying statistical techniques. You also study the financial system, instruments and markets and ideas about finance concepts and problems.

You’ll master accountancy skills through a combination of classroom learning, projects, case studies, workshops, reporting, and industry placements. Most accountancy lecturers and tutors come from a professional background, meaning you’ll pick up the secrets and insider tips of what it’s like to be an accountant in the real world.

The reports generated by various streams of accounting, such as cost accounting and managerial accounting, are invaluable in helping management make informed business decisions. Financial Statements help owners in assessing the performance and position of their business which can guide their investment decisions (e.g. whether they should invest more in the business, diversify or dispose their investment). Maintaining accounting records and preparing financial statements is also often a legal responsibility for businesses above a certain size. Organizations need to have a reliable and systematic way of recording financial information.

Accountant Job Description & Average Salary

You will have a wealth of experience gained through your course and through volunteering, part-time work experience, student projects and other activities. The Business Readiness module guides you in crafting experiences into a personal narrative that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attributes that you could contribute to an organisation. Modules we offer currently include Advanced Financial online accounting, Corporate Finance, Audit Practice & Ethics and Accounting for Decision Making. Our accounting degree is strongly focused on developing you as a ‘business ready’ graduate. You’ll become highly employable and capable, with the knowledge and skills required by employers and professional accounting bodies.

Students will develop the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping to complex issues. This degree programme provides the opportunity to follow the prestigious CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) specialist pathway and acquire the skills to complete the CFA Level 1 examination (for both September-intake and January-intake students). Click here for more information. Professional body events.

Students will acquire the tools and skills to enable them to undertake in-depth examination of some current critical issues and question the legitimacy of the status quo. Students will learn to discuss and argue the benefits or not of alternative models for both the regulation and presentation of accounting and finance information.

Kasus pencurian Dengan Pelaku Anak Dibawah Umur Berakhir Dengan Upaya Diversi, Jepara – Unit Pelayanan Perempuan dan Anak-anak (Unit PPA) Sat Reskrim Polres Jepara melanjutkan pemberian fasilitasi penyelesaian secara kekeluargaan, dalam rangka diversi kasus anak berhadapan dengan hukum sebagaimana dimaksud Pasal 53 (1) Jo Pasal 362 KUHP tentang percobaan pencurian, Kamis (22/02/2018).

Ahmad Bagus Setiawan (15) masih pelajar dan beralamat di Kel. Bulu Kec./Kab. Jepara dan Erik Pratama, (15) yang beralamat di Kel. Bulu Kec./Kab. Jepara, keduanya adalah merupakan pelaku utama percobaan pencurian di rumah Sdr. Bagus Aria Teja Loh Bahagia (35) yang beralamat Ds. Teluk Awur Kec. Tahunan Kab. Jepara yang terjadi pada hari Senin tanggal 15 Januari 2018 lalu.

Pihak korban sekeluarga sudah mengikhlaskan perbuatan dari kedua pelaku dan menyambut baik upaya diversi yang ditempuh oleh Unit PPA Sat Reskrim Polres Jepara.

Kanit PPA Sat Reskrim Polres Jepara Ipda Yusuf Setiabudi, S.H. menuturkan “upaya diversi ditempuh dengan tujuan menjauhkan anak dari proses peradilan ke proses diluar peradilan pidana sehingga dapat menghindari stigmatisasi terhadap anak yang berhadapan dengan hukum dan diharapkan anak dapat kembali ke dalam lingkungan sosial secara wajar”.

Proses diversi sendiri dilakukan melalui pendekatan secara musyawarah dengan melibatkan anak (terlapor) dan orang tua/walinya, korban, pembimbing kemasyarakatan serta dari Dinas Kabupaten Jepara yang berkompeten membidangi kasus anak.

Setelah proses diversi dinyatakan berhasil dan selesai, dari pihak terlapor dan keluarga menyampaikan permohonan maaf yang sebesar – besarnya kepada korban serta mengungkapkan rasa terimakasih kepada para pihak yang telah berpartisipasi dalam mengupayakan pemberian diversi khususnya Unit PPA Sat Reskrim Polres Jepara.

(Humas Polres Jepara)

Kegiatan Rohani Kamis Binrohtal Polsek Mayong, Jepara – Seperti biasanya  setiap hari kamis sehabis apel pagi Polsek Mayong melaksanakan Kamis Binrohtal, bertempat di Mushola Polsek Mayong, kegiatan tersebut di ikuti seluruh anggota Polsek Mayong kamis (22/02/2018).

Kegiatan tersebut di awali lebih dahulu membaca Surat Yasin dan Tahlil, tujuan kegiatan ini yaitu untuk meningkatkan karakter anggota Polri khususnya Polsek Mayong untuk meningkatkan kwalitas keimanan dan ketakwaan anggota kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa.

Melalui kegiatan Binrohtal ini, para personil Polsek Mayong dapat meningkatkan iman dan taqwa, dan di aplikasikan dalam melaksanakan tugas sehari hari, guna terwujudnya Polri yang Profesional, Modern, Humanis dan Terpercaya.

“Kamis Binrohtal sebagai wadah untuk membentuk karakter anggota Polri menjadi lebih humanis sehingga citranya di mata masyarakat menjadi lebih baik,” ujar Kapolsek Mayong AKP Karman, SH.


Rangkul Semua Agama, Tangkal Radikalisme., Jepara – Dalam rangka mencegah paham radikalisme yang anti Pancasila di wilayah hukum Polsek Keling Polres Jepara utamanya di wilayah pedesaan, Bhabinkamtibmas Desa Tunahan Bripka Siswanto melaksanakan kegiatan Pembinaan dan Penyuluhan (Binluh) di Vihara, Rabu (21/02/2018).

Mengambil pedoman menjaga kerukunan demi terwujudnya keamanan dan ketertiban masyarakat, Bhabinkamtibmas Desa Tunahan Bripka Siswanto melaksanakan kegiatan binluh disela – sela kegiatan sembahyang yang dilaksanakan oleh umat Budha di Vihara Loka Damma Cakka 1 Ds. Tunahan Rt. 07/02 Kec. Keling Kab. Jepara.

Kegiatan Pembinaan dan Penyuluhan (Binluh) ini bertujuan meningkatkan rasa Nasionalisme dan kepatuhan terhadap Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI).

Dalam kesempatan tersebut Bhabinkamtibmas mengatakan

“Umat Budha diwilayah Tunahan Kec. Keling Kab. Jepara agar selalu aktif dalam menjaga Keamanan dan Ketertiban Masyarakat( Kamtibmas) yang sudah terjalin baik selama ini, saling tolong menolong dan guyub rukun dengan sesama.”

Lanjut Siswanto “menjelang Pilkada Jateng ini agar mewaspadai politik hitam yang berbau Suku, Ras dan Agama (Sara) yang dapat merusak kerukunan antar umat beragama, jangan mudah terpengaruh isu – isu ataupun informasi yang belum tentu kebenarannya yang beredar di media sosial.

Dan bersama – sama kami mengajak seluruh elemen masyarakat untuk memerangngi faham yang akan masuk di wialayah Kab. Jepara, karena Polri lebih maksimal dalam mengamankan wilayah khususnya Kab. Jepara apabila ada partisipasi dari masyarakat.

(Humas Polres Jepara)

Mendekatkan Polisi dan Masyarakat, Polsek Tahunan Laksanakan Patroli Dialogis, Jepara – Anggota Polsek Tahunan dipimpin bawas Kanit Sabhara Ipda Bambang Nuryanto melaksanakan patroli sekaligus sambang dialogis di obyek vital, tempat ibadah dan instansi pendidikan yang berada di wilayah Kecamatan Tahunan (21/02/2018)

“Patroli adalah salah satu tugas yang rutin kami laksanakan setiap harinya baik diobyek vital maupun tempat-tempat yang diangap rawan terjadinya tindak kejahatan, dengan harapan dengan adanya kegiatan patroli ini wilayah Kecamatan Tahunan semakin aman juga kondusif, serta lebih mendekatkan diri dengan masyarakat sebagai wujud melayani” ujar Ipda Bambang.

Anggota Polsek Tahunan melaksanakan patroli di obyek vital SPBU Krapyak, Pasar rakyat, instansi pendidikan SD N 01 Mangunan dan tempat ibadah GITJ Sukodono.

Kegiatan patroli ditekankan pada pendekatan diri kepada masyarakat yang bertujuan sebagai bentuk pelayanan dan untuk mengetahui akan terjadinya kerawanan kamtibmas di wilayah hukum Polsek Tahunan.


Bhabinkamtibmas Bermalam Untuk Jaga Sinergitas Antara Polri dan Tokoh Agama., Jepara – Polres Jepara melalui Bhabinkamtibmas terus meningkatkan kegiatan sambang dan silaturahmi ke sejumlah tokoh agama di wilayah Jepara, seperti halnya yang dilakukan oleh Bhabinkamtibmas Kelurahan Karang Kebagusan Aiptu Aviv Dwi R, S.H. dengan melaksanakan kunjungan ke Panti Asuhan Muhamadiyah Putra tepatnya di Kelurahan Karang Bagusan Rt. 05/02 Jepara, Rabu (21/02/18).

Kunjungannya ini dimaksudkan untuk mempererat tali silaturahmi sembari bertukar pikiran dan berbincang – bincang dengan tokoh agama H. Kinarto yang juga merupakan pimpinan Panti Asuhan Putra Muhamadiyah Jepara.

Pada kesempatan tersebut Aiptu Aviv juga menyampaikan keinginannya untuk bermalam di Panti Asuhan Putra Muhamadiyah.

Dalam kunjungan tersebut H. Kinarto sangat senang dan mengucapkan terima kasih karena Bhabinkamtibmas telah menyempatkan untuk berkunjung dan berkeinginan untuk bermalam di Panti Asuhan kami.

“Kami mewakili penghuni panti sangat mengapresiasi atas kegiatan yang diagendakan dari Polres Jepara melalui Bhabinkamtibmas dengan mengirimkan Bhabinkamtibmas Polsek Jepara Kota untuk bermalam di tempat kami” ungkap H. Kinarto.

Menurut Kapolsek Jepara Kota AKP Sriyono, Kamis (22/02/2018) situasi lingkungan yang aman dan kondusif bukan hanya menjadi tanggung jawab Polri saja tetapi juga menjadi tanggung jawab bersama karena  partisipasi masyarakat sangat berperan dalam membantu tugas Kepolisian, salah satunya menjaga sinergitas antara Tokoh Agama dan Anggota Polri.

(Humas Polres Jepara)

Gelar Razia, Satlantas Polres Jepara Jaring 157 Pelanggaran Pengendara, Jepara – Ratusan pengguna jalan terjaring razia yang digelar Satlantas Polres Jepara, Rabu 21 Februari 2018 . Sebagian besar diantaranya merupakan pengendara sepeda motor.

Mereka yang terjaring adalah pengendara yang tidak melengkapi diri dengan SIM, dan Surat kendaraan, kelengkapan berkendara lainnya dan melawan arus lalu lintas. Razia digelar di Jalan KH. Fauzan,Jepara. Razia melibatkan 18 personil Satlantas Polres Jepara.

KBO Satlantas Polres Jepara Iptu Suyitno, SH mengatakan, sebanyak 157 pengendara terjaring razia tersebut. Mereka selanjutnya diambil tindakan tilang. Rata rata pelanggaran yang terjaring razia antara lain tidak membawa surat kelengkapan berkendara, serta kendaraan tidak sesuai dengan spesifikasi standar berkendara. ”Sebagian besar kendaraan yang terjaring razia adalah sepeda motor,” kata Iptu Suyitno SH.